Life Insurance Claim was Denied Because of Hypertension

In the US, around 75 million people have hypertension, with more people dying of hypertension related cardiovascular disease than from the next three deadliest diseases combined.

Hypertension is defined as having a blood pressure higher than 140 over 90 mmHg, with a consensus across medical guidelines.

When a life insurance claim was denied because of hypertension it certainly necessitates a full investigation of what happened while the policy was being underwritten, in addition to how the claim was handled. It can’t be overstated that the actions of the life insurer during the underwriting period, are extremely important when a life insurance claim was denied because of hypertension.

Many factors are important in determining if a life insurance claim should be denied or approved when there are questions about hypertension. For example, whether the condition was diagnosed, was the insured using a prescribed medication, was the hypertension controlled, how long had the condition been present. Each of these are relevant and may not have been considered before the claim was denied. We specialize in getting difficult death claims paid. You likely need a specialist to get your claim paid if it’s been denied because of hypertension.



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