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The Center for Life Insurance Disputes

Has your life insurance claim been denied? Do you want to Appeal for your claim money? Are you a victim of life insurance fraud?

The Center for Life Insurance Disputes represents anyone owed money from a life insurance claim or is a victim of life insurance fraud.

We’ve recovered well over $60 million for our clients from life insurance claims and policy refunds, and we can do the same for you.

Rather than go through a lengthy and expensive lawsuit to recover your money, our client’s life insurance disputes are resolved quickly and at a fraction of the cost, saving everyone time, money and stress. It’s a proven model with millions of dollars of successful results for our clients.

Contestable Claims. Denied Claims. New Claims.

We Represent Beneficiaries and Policyholders to get their life insurance claims paid.

If your claim has been denied, as our client we’ll investigate and file an appeal that reverses the decision and gets you your money. Don’t accept that your claim has been denied until you speak with us.

If you’re concerned about your new claim being denied, we’ll file your new life insurance claim and include our own thorough investigation and evaluation. Because of our extensive experience with claims and with underwriting, insurers value our analysis of the claim facts and use them to quickly approve our client’s claims.

You can wait years for a lawsuit to go through the legal system, only to get a small settlement at the end, or you can retain The Center for Life Insurance Disputes to recover 100% of your money right now. You pay no money until your claim has been paid or your refund has been received.

We Represent Beneficiaries for all of the following Types of Life Insurance Claims:

  • We represent Life Insurance Claims of $100,000 or more
  • Appeal of All Denied Life Insurance Claims
  • Submission of Contestable Claims
  • Accidental Death Claims
  • Foreign Death Claims
  • Individual Life Insurance Claims
  • Group Life Insurance Claims
  • Company Sponsored Life and Accident Claims
  • Dismemberment Claims

We Get Life Insurance Claims Paid and Never Accept Partial Settlements:

We don’t accept partial settlements on behalf of our clients…period! If you’re owed $1 million, we’ll bring you $1 million. We don’t negotiate partial settlements. You’ve paid for the full benefit, and that’s what you’ll get.

We Get Fast Results for Our Clients:

Call us now and your claim will be assigned to a claims expert and acted on immediately. Our detailed claims process gets Life Insurance Claims or Accidental Death Claims paid quickly, and in full.

More Money Goes to You with our Standard 10% Fee:

We never charge up-front fees and you won’t pay us until your claim is paid in full.

Do you need a Life Insurance Attorney?

You don’t need a life insurance attorney if your ultimate goal is to get your money from the insurance company as quickly as possible.

We get your denied claim over-turned and paid without lawsuits.

We fight for you in just the same way the insurer will fight against you. Lawsuits are expensive and often-times unnecessary.

Talk to us about your claim or dispute before you hire a life insurance attorney.

We’re experts in life insurance claims and policy disputes and can successfully resolve any life insurance claim, policy disputes or Accidental Death Claim. We represent clients throughout the United States.

More than $60 Million Life Insurance Claims Recovered

The Center for Life Insurance Disputes gets life insurance claims paid and premiums refunded for beneficiaries and policyholders. The firm was founded in 2006 by Stephen C. Burgess. Since then we’ve recovered over $60 million for our clients. Today the team consists of industry experts, medical professionals and investigators.


Steve Burgess, Life Insurance Claims Expert

  • 26+ years of Industry Experience
  • Hundreds of Lawsuits
  • Life Insurance Analyst
  • Life Insurance Expert Witness
  • President, The Center for Life Insurance Disputes

Life insurance claims are not the same as other insurance cases and they should be handled by someone who has special expertise in this area. There are many lawyers who occasionally handle life insurance cases — my firm handles them every day around the country. Call me directly to discuss your life insurance claim.