Life Insurance Claim Forms

Don’t File Your Life Insurance Claim Until You Talk to Us.

Below you’ll find links to life insurance claim forms. If the life insurance policy you’re making a claim on was less than 2 years old it is Contestable by the insurer.

This means it will be investigated before it is paid, and your claim can be denied. Call us for help. We represent beneficiaries of life insurance claims — never insurers. We make sure that contestable claims get paid.

We gather and review medical records. We tell you what you have to do and what the insurer is entitled to for their investigation. We present your claim and work directly with the insurer to make sure they play fair. Our knowledge and expertise gets claims paid fast.

The Center for Life Insurance Disputes has the insurance industry knowledge and claims expertise to handle all the details of a Life Insurance Claim or accidental death claim.

If you’re not sure if you need our help, call us for a no obligation consultation about the life insurance claim investigation process.

We Are Life Insurance Claims Experts and will get your Claim Paid Fast

Nearly $1 billion of life insurance claims are denied every year. When this happens, surviving family members are shocked to learn the insurance company has denied them in their time of need. Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure your claim gets paid.

The Center for Life Insurance Disputes will investigate your claim before it’s filed, file it properly, follow it through, and make certain the insurer pays.


Click on the links below to access common life insurance claims forms.

Contact us immediately if you encounter any problems with your insurance claim.