IOF Foresters Life Insurance Claim Forms


Download your IOF Foresters Life Insurance claim forms for life insurance benefits. To start your life insurance claim with IOF Foresters, you will need to download the IOF Foresters claim forms.  



Especially: foreign residents, out of country death, foreign nationals, residents, green card holders, suicide, accidental deaths, contestable and difficult claims.

 We are Not Foresters Life Insurance

We are an independent business representing life insurance claimants. For a nominal fee we will file your claim, or you can complete the claim forms and submit them to the IOF Foresters Claims department.

For the IOF Foresters claim forms: Click Here


When We File Your Claim: All policies less than 2 years old will be investigated by the IOF Foresters life claims department (contestable). Contestable death claims can be denied. For difficult claims requiring medical or financial proof, these claims can have long delays if not submitted properly. If you would feel more comfortable having professional representation working for you, request assistance from The Center for Life Insurance Disputes and let us file your life insurance claim on your behalf. Our fee is nominal, but the benefits are: you get your money faster, there is less chance of a denial, we see the claim thru from start to finish, we take over the burden so you can grieve. 

IOF Foresters is a life insurance company offering life insurance policies which pay death benefits upon proof of death of the insured. You will need to include a certified death certificate to validate your death benefit claim.