AXA Life Insurance Claim Forms

Is your policy less than 2 years old? 

If it is, your claim is Contestable and will be investigated.

What does Contestable Claim mean? It means your claim is not guaranteed. It may be denied. It means the claim examiner will be investigating the original application for any medical, financial or other misstatement of information. If they find misstatements they can deny the claim. A misstatement does not mean the applicant lied. It means an answer was not correct. It could be a medical question was answered ‘Yes’ when it should have been ‘No’. Income was over stated. A suspended drivers license was not disclosed. The claim examiner will be looking at everything.

To start your life insurance claim with AXA, you will need to submit the AXA Life Insurance claim forms.  

For the AXA claim forms: Click Here





AXA is a life insurance company offering life insurance policies which pay death benefits upon proof of death of the insured. You will need to include a certified death certificate to validate your death benefit claim.