Your Partner for Fast Settlement of Life Insurance Claims
and Policy Disputes




We Resolve Your Life Insurance Claims and Disputes without Lawsuits

Do you have a life insurance claim that has been denied or delayed? Do you have a life insurance dispute over a policy you bought? We can get your claim paid or recover your premiums from life insurance companies — at a fraction of the cost of filing a lawsuit.

The Center for Life Insurance Disputes is the nation’s premier life insurance recovery firm. We only represent policy holders and beneficiaries — never the insurance company.

We accept clients who are owed death claims of $50,000 or more, have life insurance policy disputes, or are victims of life insurance fraud. Our results — over $50 million of life insurance claims settled — are unmatched. We represent clients throughout the United States. To speak with a qualified representative and for a free assessment of your situation, call us today.


  • The Center for Life Insurance Disputes will get your life insurance claim paid — even if it has been denied or is being delayed by the insurer.
  • The Center for Life Insurance Disputes can recover your premiums due to agent or policy misrepresentation.
  • No Legal Fees. Real people. Real Results.
  • The Center for Life Insurance Disputes is an authority on annuity scams—and we may be able to help you recover money you’ve lost through one of these highly unethical schemes.
  • The Center for Life Insurance Disputes is passionate about representing the rights of policyholders and beneficiaries who have suffered financial loss due to life insurance fraud.