Life Insurance Claims Experts

The Center for Life Insurance Disputes is the nation’s premier life insurance claims expert representing beneficiaries in matters where their claim has been denied or is being improperly delayed for payment by the insurer.


  • Appeal of all denied life insurance claims
  • Submission of contestable claims
  • Accidental death claims
  • Foreign death claims
  • Individual life insurance claims
  • Group life insurance claims
  • Company sponsored life and accident claims
  • Dismemberment claims


Your claim will be assigned to an expert and acted on immediately. Our claims process gets claims paid quickly, and in full.


We don’t accept partial settlements for our clients. If you’re owed $1 million, we’ll bring you $1 million. Most lawsuits conclude with partial settlements with the beneficiary getting only a percentage of the actual death benefit amount. We don’t negotiate partial settlements. You paid for the full benefit, that’s what you’ll get.


Our fee is much less than big-name law firms and we don’t require any up-front money. The risk is on us, not you — we get paid after your claim is paid.


Gather as much documentation as you have prior to our telephone consultation. This may include the policy, any letters of denial, and the death certificate. Contact us by telephone for a free claim evaluation. You don’t need a pre-scheduled appointment. Upon accepting your claim our experts will act immediately to get your claim paid so you get your money as fast as possible.

The Center for Life Insurance Disputes gets life insurance claims paid and premiums refunded for beneficiaries and policyholders. The firm was founded in 2006 by Stephen C. Burgess. Since then we’ve recovered over $50 million for our clients. Today the team consists of industry experts, medical professionals and investigators.


  • Life Insurance Analyst
  • Life Insurance Expert Witness
  • Life Insurance Regional Director
  • Life Insurance Agent
  • Life Insurance Consultant
  • Over 100 Lawsuits
  • 25 years of Industry Experience
  • President, The Center for Life Insurance Disputes

Life insurance claims are not the same as other insurance cases and they should be handled by someone who has special expertise in this area. There are many lawyers who occasionally handle life insurance cases — my firm handles them every day around the country. Call me directly to discuss your life insurance claim.


  • The Center accepts clients in all US states.
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