Life Insurer won’t pay your claim. We get claims paid.




We Represent Beneficiaries of Life Insurance Claims.

No Legal Fees.


Do you have a life insurance claim that has not been paid?

If you have a claim that has been denied, or has not yet been paid — for any reason — we will represent you and get your claim paid. The Center for Life Insurance Disputes is the nation’s premier life insurance claims expert.

You need our representation when you have a Contestable claim, when the insurer will not approve your claim, or when your claim has been denied.

Instead of filing an expensive and drawn-out lawsuit, we deal directly with the insurer. We do a full investigation, employ our own experts, submit to the insurer a full set of claim facts, and get your claim paid.

Getting an insurer to pay a death claim, or reconsider a denied claim, requires building a claim file that has a complete set of facts. We do our own investigation, use our own experts, and build our own claim file which supports approval and allows the insurer to pay the claim. Often we uncover facts that the insurer did not consider when they denied the death claim. Our method gives our clients the best possible chance for getting their life insurance claim paid and avoiding costly lawsuits.

We have effected over $50 million of life insurance claims.

The Center brings over twenty years of experience and life insurance knowledge to this service. We benefit the insurer by giving them the option to avoid the cost of defending litigation brought against them for denial of claims.

To receive what is owed to you, without the costs and stresses of a lawsuit, consider the services of The Center. We represent clients throughout the United States.We accept clients who are owed death claims of $100,000 or more. To speak with a qualified representative and for a free evaluation of your claim, call us today.




  • No legal fees. The Center is not a law firm, and does not offer legal advice.